Online Phonics Games (Phase 2)

Online Phonics Games (Phase 2)

Introducing the First Letters

Fishy Phonics

Read the words in the cloud and then use your fishing skills to try and catch the matching picture cards from the river.

Alien Escape

Help the alien escape to the spaceship! Look at each picture and move the letters to spell the word correctly.

Flash Cards

Say the sound that appears on each of the pirate ships. How many sounds can you say correctly?

Flash Cards (Time Trial)

A race against the clock! Say the sound that appears on each card - how many sounds can you say before the timer runs out?

Match Cards

Sound out the top word then say what you see in the three pictures. Move the correct picture onto the word to see if they match.

Phonics Frog

Can you help the frog make it home? Avoid the traffic and cross the rivers by jumping on the logs that have real words. Good luck!

Odd And Bob

‘Bob’ the alien loves real words, while his best friend ‘Odd’ loves fake words. Sound each word and try to give them their favourite treats!

Tricky Trucks

Sound out the tricky words that appear on each of the trucks. How many tricky words can you say correctly?

Odd Sound Out

Sound the picture in each card and focus on the first sound you make for each word. Can you find the odd sound out?

Word Pairs

Can you match the picture cards to the word cards? Try to remember where you saw the two matching cards to find a pair.